Michael Tchong

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February 2009

See Me, Feel Me, Tweet Me…Retweet Me


The discussion was heated. A few powerful new-media types belonging to the Old Timers discussion list were embroiled in a bitter argument about the merits of using Twitter to report on an industry conference. Among those advocating longer story lengths, the question was, how could Twitter with a 140-character limit per post ever provide insightful […]


High Definition Makeup


Revlon founder Charles Revson’s once said: “In the factories we make cosmetics, in the stores we sell hope.” Revson would have enjoyed this week’s press coverage of “high definition” makeup, which ignited the media as if someone had tossed a compact filled with pressed gunpowder in the newsroom of the Associated Press and The Wall […]


Teenage Behavior


Studying teenage behavior reveals a lot about the future. While teens tend to be replicants of their parents, it’s their unconventional, non-biased nature that makes teenagers so appealing to marketers. So, are they truly the multitasking, non-brand-loyal, technology-savvy neo-conservatives as everyone paints them to be? We know that kids are growing up faster. Mattel coined […]


Facial Rejuvenation


The economy may be wreaking havoc with your investment portfolio, but what’s far worse is that endless anxiety about your stocks’ performance could be adding numerous worry lines to your face. As history has repeatedly shown, now is a good time to start planning a big comeback for the brand of “you.” Luckily, the field […]




Rodney King’s 1991 beating was a watershed moment in modern history. Not only was it groundbreaking because police violence was captured on video, but it also helped propel a new Ubertrend, Voyeurgasm, which points to a future where just about everything will be captured by digital cameras or camcorders. Since then, an explosion in high-profile […]


Fountain of Youth


In his groundbreaking 1956 book “The Stress of Life,” Hungarian professor Hans Selye, then living in Montreal, introduces society to the concept of “stress” — the first notable by-product of faster living. Appearing just eight years after the introduction of the McDonald’s and four years after the world’s first passenger jet flight, stress began its […]


Love, Sex…Maybe Marriage


They were first spotted in that ahead-of-the-curve state, California, some time during the late 70s. No, not yuppies but bumper stickers proclaiming, “Happiness is being single.” Whoever conceived the slogan was clearly riding a wave that’s reshaping society, as it’s abundantly clear that America, and the rest of the world for that matter, is becoming […]