Michael Tchong

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March 2009

A Case For Branded Apps


Survey results were eye-opening. Pinch Media, a company that helps developers track iPhone application use, discovered that only 20% of those who download a free application from the iTunes Store, used the app the next day, with use gradually declining as time passes by. The results for paid apps was not much better: just 30% […]


Generation X-tasy


They stand in long lines eager to gain entry into one of the city’s celebrated nightclubs. Once they slip by over-sized, 350-pound doormen, they line up again at the bar, where they usually wait three-deep for a chance to scream orders at bartenders who make hundreds of $10 cocktails hourly. Welcome to Tao Las Vegas. […]


Dance, Drink, Evolution


Next week, some 40,000 people will trek to Miami Beach to attend the Winter Music Conference — a gathering for DJs, dance club owners, music producers and promoters – to celebrate the dance culture and its music, electronica, a derivative of the 70s work of German band Kraftwerk and Giorgio Moroder. The 60s popularized a […]