Michael Tchong

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November 2011

Driving While Texting


The YouTube video was shown by all the media. There she was walking through a shopping mall while busily texting, when suddenly she fell into a fountain. Not satisfied to remain incognito, Cathy Cruz Marrero decided to reveal herself to the media and is considering suing the mall. Marrero joins a growing number of people […]



Our computer screens hold a magical power over us. The ability to “suck in” a web surfer was quite aptly satirized by The New York Times, which coined a tongue-in-cheek term for the sleeplessness phenomenon propelled by technology: screensucking.

Social Revolution


Social networks have captivated computer users with more than 1 billion worldwide using them. Key driving force: the ability to engage with friends and connections using the same store-and-forward technique that made texting and emailing so popular.