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October 2012


Personal Wireless Lighting


Philips has introduced an innovative LED lighting system, called hue ($200) and positioned as a “Personal Wireless Lighting” system that leverages this new lighting trend. The Philips hue starter kit ($200) contains three LED lightbulbs that can be wirelessly controlled by your Android smartphone, iPhone or iPad and features energy savings plus the ability to […]


Square: An Innovation Case Study


As an innovation specialist, you’re probably frequently asked to name an innovative company. Don’t hesitate for a moment, there is one irrefutable answer: It’s Square — the company that has brought disruptive innovation to the credit-card processing market. On Monday, I was called by Contra Costa Times’ George Avalos to comment on Square’s announcement that […]

Digital Lifestyle Deletes Newsweek


In December, Newsweek will cease publishing a print edition to focus on all-digital delivery in 2013. The move was dictated by huge magazine losses. Much like the newspaper industry, which shrank from $49 billion in 2005 to $24 billion in 2011, many newsweekly magazines are losing revenues with no clue how to stanch the bleeding. […]


Online Broadcasting Reinvented


On Sunday something remarkable happened. YouTube drew 8 million concurrent livestreams, the most people ever to watch a single online event — Austrian Felix Baumgartner’s space jump from 24 miles high (39km). Baumgartner broke the speed of sound record, reaching 834mph (1,342kph) during a nine-minute descent. Not only was the web video a tremendously exciting […]

Most Innovative Companies in the World


Forbes has chosen 100 companies it believes are the most innovative in the world. Leading the list is, followed by and Intuitive Surgical. The key innovation metric appears to be retrospective financial performance, as Haydn Shaughnessy explains. Apple, the most valuable company in the world as measured by valuation, ranks fifth behind China’s […]

When Innovation Became Top of Mind


Innovation is at the top of everyone’s agenda these days. Why? Because the executive mindset changed markedly in the 1990s. Global competition, the internet, and the perennial onslaught of more than 40,000 product launches each year all helped change a lot of minds. A McKinsey survey shows just how much the “C” suite pivoted on […]