Michael Tchong

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November 2012

Control Freak


The Unwired ubertrend is fueling a powerful subtrend: Control Freak. Spurred by its ability to free users from wires, and jazzed by instant gratification, consumers are increasingly demanding greater control over transactions. In December 2001, I flew Air Canada, using United as a feeder. United lost my suitcase but Air Canada was one of the […]


Service Marketing Innovation: U.S. Marines


Ad agencies and their clients are perennially in hot pursuit of marketing innovation. This never-ending goal has gained more urgency in the recession as companies and other organizations try to squeeze more ROI out of existing budgets. At Social Revolution, we practice what we preach. Many blogs and pundits cover innovation, how to encourage it, […]


Service Marketing: Duracell Rapid Responder


Marketing has always been a discipline that relied on repetition to get a message across. Many of those messages are delivered intrusively. But the future of advertising lies in something we call “service marketing.” This week, P&G’s Duracell became the posterboy for service marketing. What if you could create a service that not only helped […]