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T-shirts, Jeans and Sneakers: The Global Fashion Uniform


Have you ever wondered how America became so successful at unifying the world’s wildly diverging clothing fashions? The Cotton Industry reports: Denim jeans represent an estimated $60 billion global market for retailers. Denim jeans can be found in the wardrobes of 96% of U.S. consumers who, on average, own seven pairs. The history of jeans […]

Who Likes Their Jobs. And Who Doesn’t.


The New York Times: The top 200 chief executives at public companies with at least $1 billion in revenue actually got a big raise last year. Research, conducted for Sunday Business by Equilar Inc., the executive compensation analysis firm, found that the median 2012 pay package came in at $15.1 million — a leap of […]


Is America Becoming Chicken Little?


If you’re wondering about my previous post, which put the vast amount of cash being hoarded by U.S. corporations at $1.5 trillion, here’s more food for thought. The Wall Street Journal reports: Americans have long taken pride in their willingness to bet it all on a dream. But that risk-taking spirit appears to be fading. […]

U.S. Companies Awash in Cash


USA Today notes: Companies overall in 1980 had $234.6 billion cash, adjusted for inflation, according to a paper by Amy Dittmar at the University of Michigan’s Stephen M. Ross School of Business and Ran Duchin at the University of Washington’s Michael G. Foster School of Business. That’s about 12% of assets. Cash holdings grew to […]


The Hospital Scam


Ever wonder how hospitals ever deviated so far from their stated goal of helping the sick? We do too. Here’s more data to make you spit up your hospital dinner: The New York Times reports: A hospital in Livingston, N.J., charged $70,712 on average to implant a pacemaker, while a hospital in nearby Rahway, N.J., […]


Surveillance Is Small Price to Pay for Security


In the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing, a survey finds that Americans are more accepting than ever of continuous surveillance. Writes The New York Times: Americans overwhelmingly favor installing video surveillance cameras in public places, judging the infringement on their privacy as an acceptable trade-off for greater security from terrorist attacks, according to the […]


Facebook Home


After many years of recurring rumors, Facebook today finally opened its kimono to show off a Taiwanese collaborator’s “Facebook phone.” Only it turns out not to be a real Facebook phone but a social layer on top of Android that replaces the app-centric world of mobiles with one that revolves around people. Facebook with 1.06 […]

Frugality Is the New Reality


You could have guessed the results of this survey, but it’s nonetheless indicative how the U.S. mindset has changed since the recession struck in 2007. The Fidelity Investments “Five Years After” survey reports that the crisis has forced people to regain control of their financial lives. Here are highlights of a survey of nearly 1,200 […]

What You Need to Spend on Innovation, Michael Dell!


Pointed observations by Roman Stanek on TechCrunch: I must admit that I nearly spit out my morning coffee when I overheard a rumor that — on the heels of the expectation of going private — that Mr. Dell told his employees: “Welcome to the world’s biggest startup.” After founding three startups, I can tell you […]

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