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Is America Becoming Chicken Little?


If you’re wondering about my previous post, which put the vast amount of cash being hoarded by U.S. corporations at $1.5 trillion, here’s more food for thought. The Wall Street Journal reports: Americans have long taken pride in their willingness to bet it all on a dream. But that risk-taking spirit appears to be fading. […]

Women’s Share of Jobs


If you have been following our Women’s Acceptance Factor (WAF) ubertrend, you know that women are slowly gaining more power, as exemplified by this job share trend. According to the latest Census data (paywall), women now account for one third of U.S. lawyers and doctors — a significant shift from 40 years ago when these […]


Teenage Behavior


Studying teenage behavior reveals a lot about the future. While teens tend to be replicants of their parents, it’s their unconventional, non-biased nature that makes teenagers so appealing to marketers. So, are they truly the multitasking, non-brand-loyal, technology-savvy neo-conservatives as everyone paints them to be? We know that kids are growing up faster. Mattel coined […]