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Internet’s Newest Craze: Animated GIFs


They’re everywhere now. Propelled by pure entertainment lovers, the internet’s newest craze, animated GIFs, are making a big comeback. GIFs have become memes that explain concepts in animated style without requiring much knowledge of video editing. The GIF above was the result of a news story about an owl getting stuck in a car. Who […]

Superbowl and Social Media Drop Kick Television to the Second Screen


Mainstream television is beginning to take a backseat to social media, part of a phenomenon that surfaced in the late 90s, when we first documented an emerging trend called “multi-media tasking.” The Superbowl lifted this pervasive habit of surfing the internet while watching TV to rabbit-ear heights. The tres courant habit of juggling multiple media […]


Predicting the Future Blade Runner Style


When futurists want to divine what’s next, they turn to science fiction. After all, it’s the science fiction writer who ably peers into the future. Leonardo Da Vinci famously predicted that man would fly. Jules Verne accurately foresaw the submarine. Fast forward to modern sci-fi. In 1968, Philip Dick published “Do Androids Dream of Electric […]


Online Broadcasting Reinvented


On Sunday something remarkable happened. YouTube drew 8 million concurrent livestreams, the most people ever to watch a single online event — Austrian Felix Baumgartner’s space jump from 24 miles high (39km). Baumgartner broke the speed of sound record, reaching 834mph (1,342kph) during a nine-minute descent. Not only was the web video a tremendously exciting […]

Drug Use in Sports Becomes Prevalent


With Lance Armstrong and San Francisco Giants and Oakland A’s players, like Melky Cabrera and Bartolo Colon, drug use in sports appears to be growing, a trend we have already covered before. The New York Times chimes in this week with this opinion: It came to be called the steroid era, an inglorious decade or […]

Casual Living Ubertrend Rewards Bad Behavior


“Baby killer,” Texas Republican Rep. Randy Neugebauer yelled at fellow Congressman Bart Stupak. Whispering to President Obama near an open mic, Vice President Joe Biden is overheard dropping the “F-bomb.” Both are just the latest examples of the Casual Living Ubertrend — a trend that fuels a zero-decorum lifestyle. The lack of etiquette infects not […]


Dance, Drink, Evolution


Next week, some 40,000 people will trek to Miami Beach to attend the Winter Music Conference — a gathering for DJs, dance club owners, music producers and promoters – to celebrate the dance culture and its music, electronica, a derivative of the 70s work of German band Kraftwerk and Giorgio Moroder. The 60s popularized a […]

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