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Square Leads Fast Company’s List of Top 10 Finance Innovators


Fast Company has published its list of the world’s top 10 most innovative companies in finance , lead by our pioneering fave, Square. The list is fascinating, if only for the decoding of innovation trends as highlighted below: World’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies In Finance Rnk Company Description 1. Square simple credit-card transaction system […]

Son I Am Disappoint Meme


You couldn’t have chosen a better theme for today’s reaction by Wall Street to Apple’s record-setting revenues than a 2008 meme, dubbed “Son I am Disappoint.” It speaks volumes in helping to explain this story. Memes are internet-propelled commentary, usually of humorous nature, that combine imagery with words. The most popular “Son I am disappoint” […]


A Greek Tragedy


A Greek tragedy is unfolding in Europe. There is no question that Greece is largely to blame for its own recklessness. But Greece could also be a preview of things to come in America, unless this nation can get its act together. The country that gave us the Parthenon now owes $279 billion in new […]

Costly and Irritating Penny


CBC reports that Canada will abolish the penny this fall, citing “low purchasing power and rising production costs.” The Canadian penny is now worth about 1/20th of its original purchasing power, leading Ottawa to describe it as a “burden to the economy.” Why can’t we do the same in the U.S.? In February 2009, CBS’ […]