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Internet’s Newest Craze: Animated GIFs


They’re everywhere now. Propelled by pure entertainment lovers, the internet’s newest craze, animated GIFs, are making a big comeback. GIFs have become memes that explain concepts in animated style without requiring much knowledge of video editing. The GIF above was the result of a news story about an owl getting stuck in a car. Who […]


Online Broadcasting Reinvented


On Sunday something remarkable happened. YouTube drew 8 million concurrent livestreams, the most people ever to watch a single online event — Austrian Felix Baumgartner’s space jump from 24 miles high (39km). Baumgartner broke the speed of sound record, reaching 834mph (1,342kph) during a nine-minute descent. Not only was the web video a tremendously exciting […]

Social Revolution


Social networks have captivated computer users with more than 1 billion worldwide using them. Key driving force: the ability to engage with friends and connections using the same store-and-forward technique that made texting and emailing so popular.


Social Freemium


With the acquisition of social medium Skype today for $8.5 billion, more attention than ever has been drawn to one of the most classic Internet revenue models: “freemium.” But how does one price a free social media service? For years, Skype has thrived on a simple model. Allow people to chat freely over the Internet, […]


Influencer Metrics


When the founder of Sidney Frank Importing hired 20 young women called “Jagerettes” in the early 90s to visit bars and shoot Jagermeister down drinking patrons’ gullets with a spray gun, he established a marketing channel focused on reaching influencers who can propel emerging brands. In 1997, Sidney Frank took another successful stab at influencer […]

Social Analytics


The announcement hit like a tweet bomb. Social media analytics firm Vitrue announced it had closed a $17-million Series C funding round, confirming what most close observers already know. Social engagement marketing is red-hot and getting hotter. The rise of social networks is converging with a parallel trend that’s roiling marketing: response rates from traditional […]


Emoticons and Smileys Enhance the Dialog


Conversing via electronic means has exploded in the past decades. In 2008, 11 billion text messages were sent each day worldwide. That figure is dwarfed by the estimated 247 billion e-mails sent daily in 2009. The sheer volume of these single-dimensional messages explains why we believe that the role the emoticon, or “smiley,” plays in […]

Social Engagement Marketing


A major trend is sweeping through society. It began with Friendster, a social network that leapt to 1 million users after just six months, a feat that had company servers groaning under demand. Friendster’s overburdened social network quickly gave way to an even faster-growing phenom: music-oriented MySpace, which rose to 22 million accounts by the […]

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