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Woman’s Acceptance Factor


There it was: the umpteenth TV commercial featuring a woman doing the housework. You fill in the brand: PAM, Tide, McCormick’s, or even hip Target — all relegate women to that subsidiary role of “happy homemaker.” You would think the Renaissance thinkers in advertising could come up with something more enlightening. That enlightenment might include […]


Predicting the Future Blade Runner Style


When futurists want to divine what’s next, they turn to science fiction. After all, it’s the science fiction writer who ably peers into the future. Leonardo Da Vinci famously predicted that man would fly. Jules Verne accurately foresaw the submarine. Fast forward to modern sci-fi. In 1968, Philip Dick published “Do Androids Dream of Electric […]


The Growing Marijuana Culture


When Colorado and Washington legalized marijuana for personal use a significant societal shift took a dramatic turn in a new direction. Those two states capped a medical marijuana trend that began with California in 1996 and now numbers 18 states. Clearly, the “Times They Are A-Changin,” as Bob Dylan famously put it and it’s leading […]

Mary Meeker: Asset-Heavy Lifestyle Is Being Replaced With Asset-Light Value


Mary Meeker provided an Internet Trends update on Dec. 3, 2012 at Stanford. Among her insights: an “asset-heavy” lifestyle is being replaced with an “asset-light” consumer value, particularly among twenty-somethings. Meeker reports that people are shedding assets, turning from away from an “asset-heavy” lifestyle. Possessions, once including books, CDs, televisions and paper, have been replaced […]

Control Freak


The Unwired ubertrend is fueling a powerful subtrend: Control Freak. Spurred by its ability to free users from wires, and jazzed by instant gratification, consumers are increasingly demanding greater control over transactions. In December 2001, I flew Air Canada, using United as a feeder. United lost my suitcase but Air Canada was one of the […]

Middle Class Squeeze


When one mentions the middle class it immediately conjures up visions of Father Knows Best, The Brady Bunch or maybe even Everybody Loves Raymond. It’s one of manicured lanes, two-door garages and eat-in kitchens that carry the glamorous moniker of “Hollywood kitchens.” But the world of I Love Lucy is no more. As Edward Luce […]

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