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Service Marketing Innovation: U.S. Marines


Ad agencies and their clients are perennially in hot pursuit of marketing innovation. This never-ending goal has gained more urgency in the recession as companies and other organizations try to squeeze more ROI out of existing budgets. At Social Revolution, we practice what we preach. Many blogs and pundits cover innovation, how to encourage it, […]


Service Marketing: Duracell Rapid Responder


Marketing has always been a discipline that relied on repetition to get a message across. Many of those messages are delivered intrusively. But the future of advertising lies in something we call “service marketing.” This week, P&G’s Duracell became the posterboy for service marketing. What if you could create a service that not only helped […]


Influencer Metrics


When the founder of Sidney Frank Importing hired 20 young women called “Jagerettes” in the early 90s to visit bars and shoot Jagermeister down drinking patrons’ gullets with a spray gun, he established a marketing channel focused on reaching influencers who can propel emerging brands. In 1997, Sidney Frank took another successful stab at influencer […]

Social Analytics


The announcement hit like a tweet bomb. Social media analytics firm Vitrue announced it had closed a $17-million Series C funding round, confirming what most close observers already know. Social engagement marketing is red-hot and getting hotter. The rise of social networks is converging with a parallel trend that’s roiling marketing: response rates from traditional […]

Social Engagement Marketing


A major trend is sweeping through society. It began with Friendster, a social network that leapt to 1 million users after just six months, a feat that had company servers groaning under demand. Friendster’s overburdened social network quickly gave way to an even faster-growing phenom: music-oriented MySpace, which rose to 22 million accounts by the […]

Information As Entertainment


Eyes are transfixed, gazing blankly at characters streaming by like rivers of seemingly unintelligible, cryptic comments. “The Matrix” comes to mind. That scene with the displays showing continuous columns of characters scrolling by endlessly. But that’s a science-fiction movie. This is Twendz, a Twitter-based trendwatching service. Launched on March 11 by PR agency Waggener Edstrom, […]

A Case For Branded Apps


Survey results were eye-opening. Pinch Media, a company that helps developers track iPhone application use, discovered that only 20% of those who download a free application from the iTunes Store, used the app the next day, with use gradually declining as time passes by. The results for paid apps was not much better: just 30% […]