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Superbowl and Social Media Drop Kick Television to the Second Screen


Mainstream television is beginning to take a backseat to social media, part of a phenomenon that surfaced in the late 90s, when we first documented an emerging trend called “multi-media tasking.” The Superbowl lifted this pervasive habit of surfing the internet while watching TV to rabbit-ear heights. The tres courant habit of juggling multiple media […]

Digital Lifestyle Deletes Newsweek


In December, Newsweek will cease publishing a print edition to focus on all-digital delivery in 2013. The move was dictated by huge magazine losses. Much like the newspaper industry, which shrank from $49 billion in 2005 to $24 billion in 2011, many newsweekly magazines are losing revenues with no clue how to stanch the bleeding. […]


Online Broadcasting Reinvented


On Sunday something remarkable happened. YouTube drew 8 million concurrent livestreams, the most people ever to watch a single online event — Austrian Felix Baumgartner’s space jump from 24 miles high (39km). Baumgartner broke the speed of sound record, reaching 834mph (1,342kph) during a nine-minute descent. Not only was the web video a tremendously exciting […]

Social Engagement Marketing


A major trend is sweeping through society. It began with Friendster, a social network that leapt to 1 million users after just six months, a feat that had company servers groaning under demand. Friendster’s overburdened social network quickly gave way to an even faster-growing phenom: music-oriented MySpace, which rose to 22 million accounts by the […]

Information As Entertainment


Eyes are transfixed, gazing blankly at characters streaming by like rivers of seemingly unintelligible, cryptic comments. “The Matrix” comes to mind. That scene with the displays showing continuous columns of characters scrolling by endlessly. But that’s a science-fiction movie. This is Twendz, a Twitter-based trendwatching service. Launched on March 11 by PR agency Waggener Edstrom, […]