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Square Leads Fast Company’s List of Top 10 Finance Innovators


Fast Company has published its list of the world’s top 10 most innovative companies in finance , lead by our pioneering fave, Square. The list is fascinating, if only for the decoding of innovation trends as highlighted below: World’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies In Finance Rnk Company Description 1. Square simple credit-card transaction system […]


Internet’s Newest Craze: Animated GIFs


They’re everywhere now. Propelled by pure entertainment lovers, the internet’s newest craze, animated GIFs, are making a big comeback. GIFs have become memes that explain concepts in animated style without requiring much knowledge of video editing. The GIF above was the result of a news story about an owl getting stuck in a car. Who […]

Superbowl and Social Media Drop Kick Television to the Second Screen


Mainstream television is beginning to take a backseat to social media, part of a phenomenon that surfaced in the late 90s, when we first documented an emerging trend called “multi-media tasking.” The Superbowl lifted this pervasive habit of surfing the internet while watching TV to rabbit-ear heights. The tres courant habit of juggling multiple media […]


Facebook Mobile Advertising


Facebook today announced that is mobile ad revenues reached 23% of total revenues in fourth quarter 2012, up from 14% in the quarter before. The company also notes that “Mobile DAUs exceeded web DAUs for the first time in the fourth quarter of 2012,” but did not provide any additional data on this particular trend. […]


Race Against the Machine


When 60 Minutes aired a report that inferred that robots were taking jobs away from American workers, one robotics pundit sharply criticized the program because it was based on the work of two economists, Andrew McAfee and Erik Brynjolfsson, who wrote a controversial 2011 book, “Race Against the Machine.” As The New York Times reports: […]


MySpace: New and Improved Brand Showcase


Backed by the promotional push of a new album by investor Justin Timberlake, MySpace officially relaunched its newly redesigned site. The user experience is definitely a cut above the competition. After using the social network for a while, Facebook and Twitter feel positively antiquated compared to the new MySpace. The user interface does take getting […]


Facebook Graph Search


The film The Social Network implies that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was driven by the desire to persuade women to have sex with him. While the movie has been proven to be fairly inaccurate relating to this matter, Zuckerberg yesterday introduced what is perhaps the best dating tool ever: Facebook Graph Search. As Danny Sullivan […]

CES 2013: Incremental Innovation Without 3D


Most of the new product introductions shown at Las Vegas’ monster Consumer Electronics Show largely offered incremental innovation. What follows are, the most significant announcements organized by leading market trends we track. Digital Lifestyle A big Digital Lifestyle trend is wireless entertainment. IOGEAR offers a little black box, the IOGEAR GWAVR ($80), which plugs into […]

Mary Meeker: Asset-Heavy Lifestyle Is Being Replaced With Asset-Light Value


Mary Meeker provided an Internet Trends update on Dec. 3, 2012 at Stanford. Among her insights: an “asset-heavy” lifestyle is being replaced with an “asset-light” consumer value, particularly among twenty-somethings. Meeker reports that people are shedding assets, turning from away from an “asset-heavy” lifestyle. Possessions, once including books, CDs, televisions and paper, have been replaced […]

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