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Time Compression


Predicting the Future Blade Runner Style


When futurists want to divine what’s next, they turn to science fiction. After all, it’s the science fiction writer who ably peers into the future. Leonardo Da Vinci famously predicted that man would fly. Jules Verne accurately foresaw the submarine. Fast forward to modern sci-fi. In 1968, Philip Dick published “Do Androids Dream of Electric […]


Starbucks Metal Card


If you follow the Time Compression Ubertrend, you know that Starbucks is the poster child of this game-changing market wave. Always the innovator, the company has introduced a $450 stainless steel gift card. The Starbucks Metal Card comes preloaded with $400 value and a gold-level Starbucks card membership. The extra $50 cost covers manufacturing cost. […]

Driving While Texting


The YouTube video was shown by all the media. There she was walking through a shopping mall while busily texting, when suddenly she fell into a fountain. Not satisfied to remain incognito, Cathy Cruz Marrero decided to reveal herself to the media and is considering suing the mall. Marrero joins a growing number of people […]


Time Compression


Life is accelerating. This Ubertrend has lead to “too busy disorder,” which drives markets like coffee, energy drinks, e-commerce, fast fashion, FedEx and others. All are propelled by a public seeking to pack more time and energy in their busy days.