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After many years of recurring rumors, Facebook today finally opened its kimono to show off a Taiwanese collaborator’s “Facebook phone.” Only it turns out not to be a real Facebook phone but a social layer on top of Android that replaces the app-centric world of mobiles with one that revolves around people. Facebook with 1.06 […]

Square Leads Fast Company’s List of Top 10 Finance Innovators


Fast Company has published its list of the world’s top 10 most innovative companies in finance , lead by our pioneering fave, Square. The list is fascinating, if only for the decoding of innovation trends as highlighted below: World’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies In Finance Rnk Company Description 1. Square simple credit-card transaction system […]

CES 2013: Incremental Innovation Without 3D


Most of the new product introductions shown at Las Vegas’ monster Consumer Electronics Show largely offered incremental innovation. What follows are, the most significant announcements organized by leading market trends we track. Digital Lifestyle A big Digital Lifestyle trend is wireless entertainment. IOGEAR offers a little black box, the IOGEAR GWAVR ($80), which plugs into […]

Mary Meeker: Asset-Heavy Lifestyle Is Being Replaced With Asset-Light Value


Mary Meeker provided an Internet Trends update on Dec. 3, 2012 at Stanford. Among her insights: an “asset-heavy” lifestyle is being replaced with an “asset-light” consumer value, particularly among twenty-somethings. Meeker reports that people are shedding assets, turning from away from an “asset-heavy” lifestyle. Possessions, once including books, CDs, televisions and paper, have been replaced […]

Control Freak


The Unwired ubertrend is fueling a powerful subtrend: Control Freak. Spurred by its ability to free users from wires, and jazzed by instant gratification, consumers are increasingly demanding greater control over transactions. In December 2001, I flew Air Canada, using United as a feeder. United lost my suitcase but Air Canada was one of the […]


Service Marketing: Duracell Rapid Responder


Marketing has always been a discipline that relied on repetition to get a message across. Many of those messages are delivered intrusively. But the future of advertising lies in something we call “service marketing.” This week, P&G’s Duracell became the posterboy for service marketing. What if you could create a service that not only helped […]


Personal Wireless Lighting


Philips has introduced an innovative LED lighting system, called hue ($200) and positioned as a “Personal Wireless Lighting” system that leverages this new lighting trend. The Philips hue starter kit ($200) contains three LED lightbulbs that can be wirelessly controlled by your Android smartphone, iPhone or iPad and features energy savings plus the ability to […]


Square: An Innovation Case Study


As an innovation specialist, you’re probably frequently asked to name an innovative company. Don’t hesitate for a moment, there is one irrefutable answer: It’s Square — the company that has brought disruptive innovation to the credit-card processing market. On Monday, I was called by Contra Costa Times’ George Avalos to comment on Square’s announcement that […]

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