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Frugality Is the New Reality


You could have guessed the results of this survey, but it’s nonetheless indicative how the U.S. mindset has changed since the recession struck in 2007. The Fidelity Investments “Five Years After” survey reports that the crisis has forced people to regain control of their financial lives. Here are highlights of a survey of nearly 1,200 […]

Social Dialog: Is the Hashtag Becoming Our New Mode of Conversation?


Last night’s post-State of the Union address debate unleashed a torrent of tweets that show how an esoteric database concept, hashtags, is mainstreaming: Omg here it is. THE VIDEO. #watergate #polandsprings #RepublicanResponse#waterbreak #SOTUresponse #SOTU — Kristen Shock (@k_shock) February 13, 2013 #GOPResponse #SOTU #gop #tcot… — Marco Rubio (@marcorubio) February 13, 2013

Social CRM


Sales people usually try to close deals by contacting prospects directly, primarily by phone. But the tide against cold-calling is rising. Anecdotal evidence suggests that less than one in 10 calls is ever returned. That explains why the future of customer relationship management software (CRM) lies in “social CRM,” which tightly integrates social networks and […]