Drug Use in Sports Becomes Prevalent

With Lance Armstrong and San Francisco Giants and Oakland A’s players, like Melky Cabrera and Bartolo Colon, drug use in sports appears to be growing, a trend we have already covered before.

The New York Times chimes in this week with this opinion:

It came to be called the steroid era, an inglorious decade or so of cheating by major league baseball players and a lack of action by baseball owners.

But the attempt to establish start and end dates for all the dishonesty was always a bit naïve. Athletes just don’t stop cheating. Performance-enhancing drugs just don’t go away. The steroid era, as baseball has learned anew this month, is more likely to be a permanent state of affairs than an ugly chapter that can be closed.

USA Today notes that stripping Armstrong of his Tour de France titles will only end up bestowing the “honor” on equally dubious riders.

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