Personal Wireless Lighting

Philips has introduced an innovative LED lighting system, called hue ($200) and positioned as a “Personal Wireless Lighting” system that leverages this new lighting trend.

The Philips hue starter kit ($200) contains three LED lightbulbs that can be wirelessly controlled by your Android smartphone, iPhone or iPad and features energy savings plus the ability to glow in 16 million colors.

The lighting set, while expensive and only available at the Apple store, offers expectional features including significant energy savings and the ability to control the hue of room lighting with a smartphone or tablet:

  • Wireless control – Philips uses the ZigBee LightLink communication protocol so hue bulbs can communicate with each other and consume significantly less stand-by power than traditional Wi-Fi systems. Hue can be controlled by either an Android, iPhone or iPad app (see video).
  • Color spectrum – hue closely mimicks the color qualities of an incandescent lightbulb yet offers more than 16 million colors to customize room lighting.
  • Energy efficiency – While the hue offers the same brightness as a 50-watt lightbulb it only consumes 8.5 watts.