Service Marketing: Duracell Rapid Responder

Marketing has always been a discipline that relied on repetition to get a message across. Many of those messages are delivered intrusively. But the future of advertising lies in something we call “service marketing.” This week, P&G’s Duracell became the posterboy for service marketing.

What if you could create a service that not only helped boost brand awareness but also was of special service to a community? There are many creative ways to accomplish this but P&G’s Duracell Rapid Responder is a perfect example of goodwill-boosting service marketing.

Duracell Rapid Responder trucks, parked in Battery Park City and Hoboken, offered power-deprived residents access to charging lockers for mobile devices and computers, WiFi plus a battery distribution center.

At Social Revolution, we believe that service marketing is the wave of the future. If you are as tired of repetitive marketing as we are, start thinking about using this innovative technique to improve your brand franchise.